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Die Casting Consulting Services Offered by:

Bob McClintic and Associates

  • Machine and facility process capability:

Develop matrix of your present die cast machine and trim press physical capabilities. This will identify machine design and maintenance problems. The matrix can be developed to create the foundation for a rebuild and upgrade program as well as becoming the template for short and long term capital improvement budgets. A capacity study can be derived from this information.

  •   Die Cast Tool process capability study:

Evaluate the top 80% of current tools for physical condition. Evaluate gating, temperature control, and tool configuration for optimum output. Provide recommendations for tool modifications. Revisions can be managed either by customer's staff or under my supervision.

  •   Problem solving:

This can fall is several categories:

Scrap reduction of high scrap programs. Objective would be to "Cut it in half".

The consultant working with your staff as a team can perform the evaluations. This will help reinforce both the science applied to the solution as well as team culture necessary for long term growth and success.

  •   Process Control implementation and training:

Using your monitoring equipment, we will demonstrate the benefits of using process monitoring to identify the "key" process parameters. Once this is established, we will train your designated personnel, such as die cast supervisors, set up, tooling engineers, process engineers, and maintenance personnel in the use and interpretation of the data. I am experienced with both Shotscope, and Visi-Trak equipment.

  •   Casting design seminars for you and your customers:

I can provide design assistance to you and your customers. By providing this service early in the product life cycle, you can eliminate many problems caused by inappropriate placement of parting lines, thin steel conditions, sharp edges where radii could have been applied, etc. The Die-Casting Development Council, (DDC), provides the training material used. Course material can be customized to address specific problems known to be common to a specific customer.

  •   Project or Program Management:

This can include, but is not limited to the following:

Project management of complete tooling programs, including product design assistance, tooling vendor selection and negotiation, design of metal feed system (gates and runners), overflows, venting, ejector pin placement, tool construction standards, trim tool design and purchase, tool start up, debugging, dimensional adjustments. Submission of finished casting to customer.

Project management of facility renovations, including ventilation, lighting, crane bays, cooling towers, compressed air distribution systems, furnace and machinery installations.

  •   Management:

Engineering and manufacturing management. Provide immediate management support while assisting in recruiting and screening candidates for full time position.

  • Technology updates:

Update your staff and yourself with the latest process control, tool engineering, and design techniques.

  • Experience:

I have extensive experience with Aluminum, magnesium, and zinc from Dynacast and Techmire multi-slide to 1,600 U.S. tons (14,234 kilonewtons). Castings weights from a few grams to 46 pounds (20 kilograms). I have served numerous industries including, the big three and import automotive first and second tier, home and commercial electronics, aerospace, defense, home appliance, power tools, archery, gaming industry, outdoor lighting, home heating and cooling, construction industry, etc.

  • A partial list of equipment and suppliers I've worked with:

ABB Robotics, Advance Products Corp., BCP/Wheelabrator, Design Plus, Fanuc Robotics, Frech USA, Hamilton Industrial Products, HPM Machinery, Idra Machinery, ITALPRESSE Machinery, Kohler Power Systems, Lindberg/MPH furnaces, Logic Seal Corp., Marley Cooling Towers, Metal Mechanics, Pioneer General Contractors, Prab Conveyors, Prince Machinery, Regloplas, Rimrock Corp., Shamrock, Eng., Shotscope (Now Mold Flow), Snair Company, Sterling, Inc., Hot Oil, Techmire Machinery, UBE Machinery, Vickers Hydraulics, Visi-Trak Worldwide, LLC

  • References:

Available on request.

  • Available on or off site:
  • Contact information:

Bob McClintic and Associates

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49428 USA

Ph: 616-292-0454

Fax: 616-669-7884


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