Close Tolerance Zinc Castings Small to Miniature

For an enlarged view of the castings, click on the photo.

The castings above were produced for a variety of companies

These are just a few of the hundreds of small parts I've helped develop and start up.

Castings were produced on Dynacast and Techmire multi-slide and conventional hot chamber machines.

·        Recreational fishing reel components including helical gears. Some features were as thin as 0.030 inch (0.762 mm)

·        Automotive safety component with 0.090 inch (2.286 mm) wire center

·        Hood ornament

·        Cruise control

·        Speedometer housing

·        Chain saw fuel pick-up

·        Fuel safety shut off

·        Automotive vacuum fittings. Dry seal pipe thread "as cast"

·        Camera film advance pawl

We were able to solve chronic production problems and train our clients to greatly increase their productivity. Improvements of 25 to 50% were achieved.

Additional Casting examples, stories and case histories

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